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WSMC 2012 Slovakia

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Liptovský Mikuláš

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Vladimir Sedov
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Reporters in Slovakia

George Gassaway

James Duffy

Jon Stenberg

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WSMC 2012


Hi my name is Mark Bujak each team competed in the Polish s5 and s7 and s5 after flights class photo did Martin Bielecki and James Duffy. I do not have to contact him if he would be able to send these photos. I'm sorry for the mistakes but I know little English greetings from Polish

Marek Bujak


Most of the stuff I put on the site is put their on the day I got it not the day it happened.
Now that the "busy" part is over I will be moving stuff to its appropiate days as I figure it out am instructured on where it goes. new stuff has been added so check back now and then.

Today I added the results PDF's from george. if you look at the top of your screen its split into three chunks. left brought to you by middle the button nav bar and right STATUS. this status section is "blank" on most pages. the RULES will be linked in that box for each day.

its a zip file it contains multiple PDF files. download decompress enjoy.

George and the other may update the information for the pictures with notes commentary stories etc.. I will post this info as I get it. These guys deserve a bit of rest after all that so be patient the info will come.

Day 8 - Saturday September 8th 2012
Also more pictures added to Day 7

Day 7 - Friday September 7th 2012
Also More pictures added to Day 5

Day 6 - Thursday September 6th 2012

Folks. This is what its all about
Click On

Day 5 - Wednesday September 5th 2012

Day 4 - Tuesday September 4th 2012

Day 3 - Monday September 3rd 2012

Day 2 - Sunday September 2nd 2012

Day 1 - Saturday September 1st 2012

I will sometimes make FREQUENT updates if enough pics come in throughout the day if time allows
SO make sure you hit "F5" or whatever your equivalent is to REFRESH the page fully
Just loading the page will sometimes load the cached version when you last looked at it.


Friday August 31st 2012

Wednesday August 29th 2012

Pre WSMC "enroute" update from Steve Kristal

Team has started to convene in Vienna.  Remainder of team will arrive on the 31st and we will bus just across the border to Bratislava for the night.  Then a 4 hour bus ride to Liptovsky Mikulas on the 1st.  More photos to follow.


Vladimir Sedov sent me links to some of his sites for the world Cup
I really have no idea what I am looking at (its all in russian :-)
If its anything like last time you will find a TON of good pictures
on his pages!